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Counter Mats

Counter Mats are the most effective point of sale advertising available. Our Custom Printed Counter Mats allow every customer to see your ad message every time they make a purchase. Great for retail stores, restaurants, auto parts stores, and beverage promotions. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to meet any budget. The next time you go somewhere, chances are you'll see Point-Of-Purchase Counter Mats. Take advantage of this promotional impact with our Custom Printed Counter Mats and discover your untapped sales opportunities. offers a large selection of counter mat options. For help in selecting the right mat for you, call one of our sales associates for personal service, or view our Counter Mat Selection Guide.

Vynex® Hard Top

Vynex Counter MatVynex® surface counter mats combine the look and feel of Lexan® with the value of rigid vinyl creating an exceptional counter top surface. The durable textured polymer surface protects your image while allowing it to POP in brilliant color and detail. Our BEST SELLER!

Fabric Top

Fabric Counter MatsFabric Top Counter Mats offer an economical solution to countertop advertising where hard-top mats are not practical. Full color and a wide variety of base sizes make this mat a worthy contender.

Economy Matte

Economy Counter MatWe have a mat for every budget! Our Economy Matte Counter mats offer durability and excellent P-O-P quality at an affordable price point. These budge-friendly mats are ideal for convenience stores, restaurants, hardware and automotive parts stores, equipment supply, and most retail environments.

Medium Duty Base

E70 Foam Rubber Counter MatThis Medium Duty Foam Rubber Base is up to 55% lighter than our standard Heavy Duty Base rubber. Save on the product cost and up to 55% on shipping and handling, without sacrificing quality. Available with Vynex® and Economy Matte surfaces.

Light-Duty Foam Base

Foam Rubber Counter MatOur non-skid light-duty FOAM BACKED counter mats are oderless and latex-free. Great for short to medium-term promotions. Light weight material can reduce shipping costs. Foam Base Counter mats are light weight and light on the pocket-book.


Ultra-Thin Counter MatsOUR MOST ECONOMICAL COUNTER MAT. Available in a .24 inch thin non-skip vinyl base and a removable/repositionable lo-tac adhesive base to keep the mat flat and in place. Ultra-Thin Counter Mats offer budget-friendly point-of-purchase display of your company logo and advertising message. The extra thin, durable materials are easy to clean.

G4 Industrial Strength Counter mat™New Counter mats

Industrial Counter matsOur G4 Industrial Strength Counter Mat™ is our MOST DURABLE mat. It is built from a single-sheet of super-strong vinyl, which allows it to be thin, waterproof, and flexible. Best of all, it will not ding or crack when heavy equipment is placed on it. Great for long-term promotions. Clear/transparent options available.

Recycled Mats

Recycled Counter matsOur ReTreads™ Recycled Counter Mat is built on recycled tire rubber and our PET Soft Surface Counter Mat is a fabric top mat made out of recycled PET plastic on a 50% recycled heavy-duty rubber base. We offer the largest selection of environmentally safe and recycled material counter mats on the planet in an effort to help save the planet.

Sealed Edge

Sealed Edge Counter MatSealed Edge Counter Mats are our STRONGEST mat! Air-tight and WATERPROOF, these mats work great in heavy traffic areas like automotive and hardware stores, heavy equipment shops, beverage dealers, and restaurants. The scratch resistant polyethylene surface can stand up to the toughest beating. Available in DuraTec® rubber and foam backings.

Welded Edge

Welded Edge Counter mats - RF SealedOur RF Welded Thin Vinyl Counter Mats are airtight and waterproof thereby providing superior performance on restraurant counters and bar tops. The extra thin, durable materials are easy to clean. Alcohol, grease, and coffee resistant. Since your artwork is printed under the clear cover, your message will POP off the counter!

Foam Counter Mat

Foam Counter MatFoam Counter Mats often offer a less expensive alternative to rubber or vinyl based products. Foam is a lightweight, practical, and cost-effective counter mat solution. Great display advertising for restaurants, pharmacies, drug stores, doctor offices, hospitals, and schools. Mats are water resistant and can be used as a durable placemat. Two-Sided printing option.

Bar Mats

Rubber Counter MatsMOLDED VINYL BAR MATS are an affordable way to captivate your target audience. Our new multi-colored, rubberized vinyl counter mats and barmats are the most durable and water-proof counter mats around. Product selection includes runner mats as long as 10 feet, Chang'ble Mats™ that allow the advertisement to be changed as needed, mats with multiple windows, and counter mats that incorporate photo quality graphics.

Counter Rugs™

Counter RugA Exclusive. A thin natural rubber backing with a water-resistant fabric surface that can be used as a bar mat, bar runner, restaurant serving mat, or anywhere liquids are used. Surface printing will not fade and is easily washable.

Credit Card Terminal Mat

Credit Card Terminal Mat The perfect solution to aid customers in transitioning to (EMV) chip-equipped credit card terminals. Credit card processing terminal fits securely on the non-skid surface. Your company logo, ad message, or instructions can be printed on the pad for easy viewing. Custom sizes and a variety of colors are available.

Lenticular / 3D

Lenticular 3D Counter matOur most spectacular counter mat! Increase the 'WOW' factor of any promotion by literally adding another dimension. Promote multiple messages in the same space, grab attention with changing images or motion, draw viewers into your message with realistic 3-D depth and shape.

2X Doubled-Sided

Double Sided Counter matsOur 2X Double-Sided Mouse Pads and Counter Mats are waterproof and ultra-thin. The lo-tac adhesive base is repositionable and latex-free. FULL-COLOR TWO SIDED PRINTING IS AVAILABLE!

TransMat™ Clear

TransMat Clear See-Thru Counter matSeeing is believing! There is a CLEAR difference with our new TransMat™ Translucent Counter mats and Deskpads. This unique material allows you to see the desk top right through the mat! Makes great eye-catching ad space for your company's logo. A tough vinyl surface and skid-resistant back provide the perfect combination. Very durable water-resistant material.

Peel & Place®

Peel and Place Counter MatPeel & Place® is an economical hard surface counter mat that is printed on a unique non-slip base. This repositionable pad is thin and lightweight, reducing overall cost. The non-skid adhesive base will not leave sticky residue. Perfect for short-term promotions or where a low-profile counter mat is needed.

DuraMat Water-Proof Counter Mats

DuraMat Plastic Mousepad and Counter matLight-weight and waterproof, these mats work great in heavy traffic areas like automotive and hardware shops, beverage dealers, and restaurants. Surface layer is water-proof vinyl that will not show scuffing or light scratches. Water simply slides off the surface. The backing is durable natural-rubber.

Dry-Erase Mats™

Dry Erase Counter MatDry-Erase Mats™ combine the functionality of a mousepad/counter mat with a dry erase board. Various surface options and backings are available. Ideal advertiser for all auto shops, retail stores, manufacturing companies, schools, banks and more! MADE in the USA.

Pen & Pad™

Pen & Pad Counter MatPen & Pad™ is a exclusive. It's a writing pen and counter top pad in one. Never lose a counter pen again. Our huge Point of Purchase Counter Mats and Counter Top Pads are like having a billboard at your cash register, with all the punch you need to maximize your message.

Lexan® & Paper Desk Pads

Desk PadsCovered with durable polycarbonate and backed by non-skid rubber, our Lexan® pads are among the strongest and longest lasting desk pads available. Works great as a desk top protector or with gaming workstations. Our Paper Desk Pads feature monthly-view calendars that make organization easy and allows your ad message to be seen everyday.

Leather Counter Mats / Desk Mats / Blotters / Conference Table Pads

Leather DeskMatsLeather Counter Mats give your counter top an air of professionalism, sophistication, and luxury. Our Leather Desk Mats & Blotters display your company logo and ad message in front of your customer all day, ever day. Desk mats are made from a distinctive top-grain leather. Waterproof and blank options available.

Place Mats / Cutting Boards

Custom Printed Place MatsOur selection of Restaurant Place Mats is like having a billboard at your plate, with all the punch you need to maximize your ad message. Place mats are made from the durable, high-quality material. 2X Double-Sided Printing and Water-Proof Leather options available.

Game Mats

Custom Printed Board Game MatsGot the latest board game idea? Let us turn your dream into reality by printing a high-resolution full-color board game mat. Game Board Mats are made from durable, high-quality materials, but are economically-friendly so they won't break your budget.

Extra Large Mats

Oversize Counter MatsNeed OVERSIZE Fabric Counter Mats and Hard Top Counter Mats. We can provide Fabric Counter Mats as large as 74" x 30" and Hard Top Counter Mats up to 19.5" x 28". Base options include Heavy Duty Rubber, Medium Duty Synthetic Rubber, Ultra-Thin Vinyl, and Lo-Tac Adhesive.

Mats To Go™ - Short Runs

Small Quantity Counter MatsShort Run solutions for small quantity needs! Order as few as 25 Short Run counter mats, produced using digital 4-Color process printing. Available in Vynex® and Fabric surfaces. Choose from Heavy Duty Rubber, Medium Duty Rubber, Recycled Rubber, Peel & Place® Adhesive, and Ultra-Thin base options. Interchangable Window Mat versions also available. Get your Mats-To-Go™ quickly, and "Up Size" to a full run later on.

MagnetMats™ - Magnetic Window Counter Mats

Magnetic Counter MatsMagnetMats™ are Interchangeable Magnetic Window Counter Mats. This versatile insert-style magnetic counter mats will keep your important information viewable, organized, and safe from daily elements that could be organizer does it all. Subsurface printing ensures your image will remain vibrant and untarnished, while our unique magnetic-frame construction keeps contents clean and in place. MagnetMats™ Window Counter Mats - Great quality and durability for your Point-Of-Purchase needs! Stock versions available.

Flip-Top See-Thru Counter Mat™

Flip Top See-Thru Insert Counter matThis is the original, patented Flip Top See-Thru Counter Mat™! Store owners will find the original See-Thru Counter Mat™ extremely useful near any point of purchase location. Advertising material, daily specials, legal notices, store policies, etc. are conveniently located at the customer's fingertips. Easily change your ad message as much as you like by simply lifting the clear mat window which lays flat over your insert.


Slide-Thru Counter MatSlide-Thru™ Counter Mats offer the ultimate in flexibility. Sealed on three sides, one edge is left open for insertion of a ad messages, photos, calendar, sales sheet, or other inserts. It is durable, low profile, as well as lightweight. Choose from your choice of rubber, vinyl, or super thin backings. Our Slide-Thru™ Counter Mat allows removable inserts to be easily and quickly updated with the latest advertising or product specials. Great for retail stores.

Poly Window Mat™

Poly Window  Counter matThis Polyvinyl Window Mat "picture-frames" any 8 /12" by 11" size paper or cardstock. Mat measures 11" x 13 3/4" by 1/4" thick. Sealed top edge allows the clear window frame to easily lift up for convenient inserting of ad messages, instructions, etc. The clear mat window lays flat over your insert to keep it clean and secure.


DeskWindo Lift Top Counter matA HEAVY DUTY version of the famous See-Thru Counter Mat™. A thick molded polypropylene base and an industrial polycarbonate surface make this pad extemely durable for restaurant and convenience store countertops. Change your ad message easily and as much as you like.

Vinyl Insert

Clear Vinyl Insert Counter matFor value and ease of use, you can't beat our Vinyl Insert Sealed Edge BIG MOUTH Counter Mat. Ad messages, instructions, policies, etc. and be easily inserted into this vinyl backed pad. Custom printing available. Stock sizes accommodate 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 17".

UltraThin Window Counter Mat

Ultra Thin Insert Counter matNeed an economical counter mat? Try out UltraThin Window Insert Counter Mats! Store owners will find the this mat extremely useful near any point of purchase location. The thin vinyl base and superior vinyl surface make this mat attractive, functional, and economical. Store owners can maximize their advertising dollars using valuable countertop space with this mat.

Peel&Place® Window Mat

Peel & Place Window Counter mat Peel&Place® Window Mats are an economical hard surface counter mat that is printed on a unique non-slip lo-tac adhesive base. It can be easily updated with the latest marketing ads or information sheets, simply by inserting a new graphic. This mat is super thin and super economical.


Peel & Flip Counter matPeel&Flip™ Counter Mats let users put their ad message, policy statments, or instructional sheets under the protective liftable hard surface. This lightweight, long lasting product is one of the most economical insert counter mats available. Really thin - less than .015" thick. The top portion of the pad has an adhesive base which sticks to the counter top. The lower portion lifts up for easy placement of inserts. Great for banks and convenience stores.

WindowMats To Go™ Blank Stock Window Mats

Small Quantity Counter MatsPerfect for orders of 100 pieces or less. Easily insert your information (advertising, specials, pricing, instructions, etc.) into the window for an instant custom counter mat. Choose from three sizes and two colors, all with the durable Vynex® hard surface and heavy duty rubber backing.

Want to display promotional ads to your customers? Counter mats by make an effective and attractive countertop display. We can print your company's logo and promotional message on the counter mat cover. Call or e-mail us for details. is an industry leader in the design of innovative custom printed mouse pad and counter mat solutions for promotional marketing.

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