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Sealed Edge Counter Mats

Sealed Edge Counter Mats

Sealed Edge Counter Mats are our STRONGEST vinyl surface pad! Air-tight and waterproof, these precision molded mats work great in heavy traffic areas like automotive and hardware shops, beverage dealers, and restaurants. The scratch resistant surface can stand up to the toughest beating.

A Counter Mat is precisely what its name implies: a mat found on a display, checkout, or service counter. Only it doesn't just sit there. It delivers precisely targeted advertising messages. On a practical level, Counter Mats provide retailers and wholesalers with a convenient, protective surface on which to show merchandise, take cash, make change, write orders, or complete credit card vouchers.

Sealed Water Proof Air Tight Counter Mats
The sizes shown are the most popular sizes.  Whether your products are Automotive Aftermarket, Beverage or Hardware, we can produce the size mat that best fits your design.

Sealed Edge Counter Top Pads - Standard Sizes

You have 2 choices - 1/8" Economy Foam Backing, which is the most popular due to price point and 1/16" - 1/8" DuraTec® Synthetic Latex-Free Rubber Backing that we fuse to our thickest heavy weight plastic to make a super durable mat.

Water Resistant Counter Top Pads - Standard Backings

Edge Seal
Sealed Edged Counter Mats provide an airtight and waterproof sealed edge to add durability and longevity on the counter.  High-resolution print is molded between two layers of molten plastic with backing material fused to the bottom layer. The edge is black, ~1/8" wide, and adds 1/4" to the overall width and height of the mat.

Edge Sealed Countermats - Sealed Edge Countertop Mats

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RF Welded Edge Vinyl Counter Mats

The Display That Brightens Up Your Counter Top!

The most effective method of sealing vinyl counter mats is Radio Frequency welding (sometimes known as RF, Dielectric or High Frequency (HF) welding) which fuses the material together by applying radio frequency energy to the area to be joined. The resulting weld is as strong as the original materials. This process produces air-tight and water-proof counter mats which are extremely durable and long lasting. Since your artwork is printed on the underside of the clear vinyl surface, it will last for years. RF welded mats do not tear apart at the edges since the two layers of material are securely welded together. Extremely effective in restaurants, hardware stores, and high traffic areas.

Welded Counter Mats - RF Sealed

RF Welded Vinyl Counter Mats - Custom Printed Change Mats

green checkExtra thin
green checkSmooth edges
green check100% Recyclable
green checkDurable, scratch resistant surface layer
green checkAlcohol, grease, and coffee resistant
green checkBrilliant image detail & vivid color
green checkEasy to clean
green checkGreat for high traffic areas

RF Sealed Change Mats - Waterproof

Antistatic Surface

Air-tight and Waterproof

Printing "behind the surface"
Printing is effected on the under, or reverse side of the clear surface, which guarantees protection and long-life span of the logo or image.

Standard Size
8.25" x 11.5"

Custom shapes and sizes - square, round, oval, rectangular in different sizes, or individual custom shapes.

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