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MicroThin™ Mouse Pads

Microthin Mouse Pads - Mousepads for Magazines, Direct Mail, and Tradeshows

MicroThin Pad™
Microthin Mouse Pads are plastic, just 15 mils thick, weigh less than one ounce, and utilize ultra-violet inks for a brighter, bolder look. They combine the awareness building benefits of media advertising with the high impact of sales promotion and deliver frequent messages to the PC user at the "point of click." A low-profile, nonskid base (no rubber or foam) makes this pad a great promotional vehicle for lightweight direct mailings, magazine inserts, or trade show giveaways. Put the WOW! in your mouse pad marketing promotion.

As Seen In Time Magazine

Available in Standard, Double Sided, Picture Frame & Lenticular

MicroThin Mouse Pad Pricing

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