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Latex Free Mousepads Offers the Largest Selection of LATEX FREE MOUSE PADS on the Planet!

Latex Free Mouse Pads Latex free synthetic mousepads pads are necessary equipment in hospitals and medical facilities. They will protect health care workers and patients suffering from latex allergies. Latex Free Mousepads make great health care promotional products or can be purchased in stock blank colors and shapes. Designed for use in hospitals, doctors' offices, pharmacies and pharmacutical companies, health care nursing homes, and any medical or health care environment where latex allergies are a potential hazard. Also useful in school classrooms and computer labs where children with latex allergies might come in contact with dry natural latex rubber (DNR). Our line of Latex Free Mousepads includes the EVA Foam Mousepad, Medium Duty Foam Base, Hard Top Mat with Lo-tac Adhesive Base, Soft Top Foam Base, Peel & Place®, MicroThin™, Slimline Mousepad™, Peel&Flip™, Mouse Paper™, and Cork. Please note that we do not offer retail sales of these products. Most items require a minimum order of 100 pads. Latex free countermats are also available.

Latex Free Foam Pads

Latex Free Foam MousepadsOur Foam Mousepads are made from either 1/8" or 1/4" EVA foam. Available in a large selection of colors. TWO SIDED PRINTING AVAILABLE! LATEX-FREE! A great lightweight and colorful promotion!

Hard Top Foam Base

Latex Free Mouse Pads For Schools and HospitalsOur The Medium Duty Base is an economical closed cell latex-free natural rubber base material that is up to 55% lighter than our standard Heavy Duty Rubber base. Available with Vynex®, Economy Matte, and Poly Gloss surfaces.

Latex-Free Adhesive

Adhesive Latex Free Mouse PadsOur Latex Free Adhesive Mouse Pads and Counter Mats can be combined with the Anti-Microbial Surface for germ-fighting protection.

Soft Top Foam Base

Soft Top Foam Backed MousepadsFoam Backed Soft Top Mousepads are hard to find. They offer an inexpensive and lightweight mousepad solution that works great for direct mailings, trade show giveaways, and Internet promotions. Latex free.

Peel & Place®

Peel & Place MousepadPeel&Place® is an economical hard surface mousepad that is printed on a unique non-slip lo-tac adhesive base. Latex Free.

MicroThin™ Pad

MicroThin Latex Free MousepadsAs seen in Time Magazine. Only .015 inches thick. Latex Free.

Slimline Mousepad™

Extra Thin Slimline MousesheetThin is in! This pad is made from a single sheet of specially textured plastic that is only 1/32" thick. Works great as a lightweight mailer. Can be printed on both sides. Latex Free.


Peel & Flip MousepadPeel&Flip™ encourages the user to place their own photos, calendars, notes, etc. under the protective liftable hard surface. Really thin - less than .015" thick. The top portion of the pad has an adhesive base which sticks to the desktop. The lower portion lifts up for easy placement of inserts. Latex Free.

Mouse Paper™

Mouse Paper PadWhat to you get when you combine a mousepad and a scratchpad? Mouse Paper! Use it to write, remind, or doodle while your mouse runs wild. This is the original notepad mousepad. Latex Free.

Cork Mousepad

Cork Mouse PadCork Mousepads are made from natural, recyclable, renewable and biodegradable cork. Eco Friendly and good looking.

Liquid Filled Mouse Pads

MAGIC Color Printed Liquid MousepadsFor the ultimate effect, photographic 4-color process printing is available on our Liquid Filled Mousepads. Make your message one your customers will never forget. It's magic!

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